Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi Everyone, Happy November!

Here are some pics of my almost completed little "Pirate Girl"
Like all of my girls, she's caught in that amazing age just before you lose your innocence and where magic and make believe are still possible.

All of the fabrics, new and vintage, have been aged and distressed except for the lace fingerless gloves, that lace is almost 100 years old and VERY delicate so I left it alone. 
She wears a white dress and matching pantaloons and wears a blue tulle and wool shawl 
that wraps around her shoulders. 
Her hair is tibetan lamb and was hand dyed by me. She is made of a blend of polymer clays and a sturdy wire armature and then is lightly blushed all over even her fingertips. She has freckles and hand painted dark glass eyes. 
SORRY...she was delivered before the final picture
I added a few more details on her hat, some feathers and fabric 
of course!
I hope you enjoy!


Kamila said...

I love her, and I LOVE hats too! You've captured that age of innocence and magic wonderfully!

Rosanna said...

Thank you so much! I have a small collection of antique hats and pins, I wish I could find events to wear them to but in Miami thats kind of hard.
Thanks for visiting my blog Kamila!