Monday, December 1, 2008


I have had a really busy week and weekend so I didn't get to work on too much. But here is a sampling of what I HAVE been able to do. 
This is for my daughter I used the girl in pencil image and tweaked it a bit, its acrylic and pencil on wood--she loves anime and bright colors.  SORRY for pics, I need photo lessons.

This is the original version of the girl above in graphite on paper 

This is Ms. Whisolbautum 
(or as the children say Mzzz. Whistlebottom)
She is a social worker that is trying to transfer her "cases" over to MRSBO's 
(just imagine cataracts, dementia, and moth balls) I hope she gets in.
If any of you have any ideas for photographing drawings or paintings in low light without a flash please inform me, my pictures with flash kill the image and without it they are blurry.
I had to scan the pencil girl and it comes out awful! It looks like grey paper-it's actually white.

I would like to sell on ETSY but I want to offer the best quality I can (in paper and printing), so if anyone has any advice, I am listening. 


Ulla said...

Your drawings are as wonderful as your dolls. Have you tried taking pictures outside on a foggy day? Mornings work best. Also a large neutral (light grey) background helps as well. Looking forward to seeing what else you create!

Rosanna said...

Thank you so much Ulla. We don't get fog in Miami but I think your idea could work on a cloudy day. I'm going to try the grey background this week. Thanks again, the advice is very much appreciated.

Come back soon!

Lisa Falzon said...

Hello! :) Just saw your message on my book. You can do two things:

1) Wait for a sunny day, go outside and find a spot in demishade. Make sure, that when you take a snap the f-stop is 1/600 at least - the smaller the fraction (1/1000 is better for instance) the fasted the speed of your camera shutter is. With more light available, the camera needs to stay 'eye-opened' less, which means the tiny movements of your body won't shake it and result in blurry image, nor will the aperture have to be very wide giving 'grainy' images.

2) Use a lightbox. Etsy has a tutorial on how to make one. Rain, shine, glare - the lightbox saves your day. Especially with sculpture, this is the way to go. :)

<-- that's the link :)

Rosanna said...

WOW Lisa, I appreciate that very much. I didn't know about the f-stop, that makes sense, I'm pretty sure that's the problem.
Looks like I'm building a light box too!!
Happy Holidays!