Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!! This week my little house will go back to its usual self, clean and simple with a nautical air. Now its time to return to work as I send the kiddies back to school.  I have been working on a simple little wing tutorial for Gail at Mind Wide Open. I will let you know when its up and running. I have a series of 13 girls I am working on relating to Fairytales, ofcourse!!! I am very excited to get this going because I have been planning and gathering supplies for months.  After that I have another little project planned(has a little bit to do with cultural beliefs/myths) and in between I will be presenting the little Orphans. I am also teaching myself Photoshop to incorporate everything I love into cool images and starting a personal journal to track my goals. 2009 is going to be a creative year for me, less planning more doing! PHEW!!
Now I gotta get back to work.

Best wishes to everyone,
This is for my Journal-just thought I would share my new love of Photoshop with you all!!


Gail Lackey said...

Hi Rosanna, your new idea sounds enchanting with the photoshop and fairy tales! I wont' be at idex, but my online friend Val will be there with her BjDs and fantastic clothes for them..stop by and say Hi for me!!!
Thanks for stopping by my dark little blog and for your comments!
xoxox Gail & Miss "P"!

slommler said...

That is how I feel about 2009...less planning and more doing! I started a journal as well!! Looking forward to seeing your new creations.