Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just a quick hello and picture of a project I was working on this weekend.
I attended my first miniature festival in Sarasota. I met so many wonderful artists and collectors. I was there to take a mini class by the extremely talented Valerie Casson all the way from France.
We made a "Romantic Lady's desk and chair". She supplied us with some wonderful print outs, a beautiful pink vase sculpted by her as well as a tiny little deer statue. Her materials and instructions were great. We ran out of time before I could even get half way done so she actually took the time and gave me a quick one on one lesson on how to finish it at home. After that, we attended a gathering at Molly Cromwell's house, she was wonderful as well.

It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet Valerie. Now I have a new pal in France!
Here is a picture of what I ended up making at home. I didn't like how my scroll work came out so I sanded the whole piece and did a decopage number on it and then aged it.
I gave it a Michal Negrin vibe(and background!). One project down many more to go!!

Best wishes-Rosanna


Sue said...

Wow...these are beautiful!

Melissa said...

Love the "aging" you added to your work. Feels like there is a story that could be attached to these little treasures.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Wow! This is amazing. It makes me smile & totally made my night. ^_^ I love it!

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thank you ladies so much!!
and YES there is a story, the young bride anxiously awaits her husband's return. He was suddenly called away to duty but he sends her many love letters and little mementos from his travels to let her know she is always in his heart.
In the mean time there is another trying to take his place-his commanding officer. Little does he know, she will NEVER let anyone else take his place!

The end
or is it???

It is beautiful.

Misty's Creations said...

That is fantastic!

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

You have made a little treasure! It looks like such a private, magickal little place. Just lovely!

Val Casson said...

rosanna the desk is wonderful, knew I could trust you to do something great

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thank You Misty and Bonnie!

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thanks Val I'm so glad you made it to the blog!!

Joanna Thomas said...

This turned out so pretty! I love what you made and hearing about your workshop! I am huge mini fan too!

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Hi Joanna, thanks for stopping by!! I can't wait to see your next 1:12 scale doll!

Big Hugs

Josje said...

The table is lovely, very pretty colours. Love that little figurine with the deer, that is so sweet!