Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two more fairies going to Etsy this weekend!!

Hi everyone!
I hope you have all been having a wonderful January. The weather here is finally back to normal, 77 degrees,(which is great for sculpting!) after a few days of cold weather. Cold in Florida means 40's and 50's. Here are my newest fairy babies that will be up on Etsy this weekend. I wanted to give my friends a peek before they go to my Etsy shop.

They are approx. 6 inches tall polymer clay head and soft weighted body. I use different shades of clay for the different types of fairies. They have been painted with heat set oils. They are adorned with shells, feathers, moss and sometimes flowers and crystals. The fabrics and hair are all hand dyed and each and everyone is a handmade original that can be hung by the top of the cord or placed anywhere you want.

Here they are!
The first one is a Nature fairy baby and it is swaddled in a creamy tan color head dress and wrapped in a forest green blanket, this baby has brown hair.
The little girl is a Flowering Tree fairy in cotton candy colors with vibrant pink hair, white head dress, pink flower and pink blanket.

Thanks for visiting!!


Ascension said...

Son absolutamente fantasticos, me encantaria saber plasmar esa ternura en las caras de fimo.
La de color de rosa me encanta.
besitos ascension

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Gracias como siempre Ascension!!
besitos mua, mua!