Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Sculpting Class at CraftArtEdu!

Hi everyone!
I'm excited to share my new online sculpting class with you.
A while back I was asked by Donna Kato, the creator of Kato Clay and founder of CraftArtEdu to come up with a class that people who couldn't take one of my classes in person could still learn and get a personal experience.

I wanted to offer my students a character class that isn't too difficult or expensive with step by step instructions.
In this intermediate sculpting class, I will teach you how to make two "mature" ladies, the Serious Granny and the Smiling Granny Bust. Learn how to breathe life and expression into these ladies as you sculpt, paint, wig, clothe, and create the stands on which they will sit.
Includes 15 page downloadable handout.

To make the class even more enjoyable and easier to complete, I only used supplies that can
be easily found at Michaels, Joanne's or most craft supply stores. This class is also very forgiving and so much fun! With just a few basic supplies and my help, you will create
a one of a kind work of art.

Check out my free preview over at CraftArtEdu.
I hope you enjoy the class!!

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