Thursday, August 28, 2014

Off with their heads!!

Heads have been rolling here the past week. I have 6 varnished heads ready for their wigs, head bands and hats. I have started on the 6 body armatures this week and dyed some mohair for wigs. I'm also making a chair for one of them. Next week I should have at least 3 dolls ready for costumes.

I'm also really loving the doll for the Alien show. It's funny how you can start a project on paper with one idea and then end up going in a totally different direction once you've painted the face and looked at the eyes. That's the part I enjoy the most, seeing that little person looking back;)

By the way, while I was working I realized one of my pugs had what looked like a green bouquet in his tail. He's old and is pretty much blind but he finds ways of getting into crazy situations all of the time. He strutted around,

dropping leaves, for about an hour before he let me pull it out of his piggy tail. Of course, I had to get a pic first, he's my sweetie pie!

Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

P.S. I forgot to add that I used acrylic paint to completely cover one of the heads and used water color and pastel chalks on the rest. The acrylic paint seals the paperclay and leaves an egg shell finish. I would not use this to make a realistic skin color unless I found some matte paint. The water colors are great on the paperclay as well as the pastels, just make sure to use a very light touch. Its better to keep adding little by little than to have to scrape or sand off. Good Luck!

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