Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clean Up!

I am usually very organized, I label things and there is a place for everything in my house.
Sometimes I organize according to size and color too. I have learned to not get upset when the "others" (my family) don't put things where they belong. They say I am OCD I say I am ADD and I need things in the same place otherwise I will never find them.

So with that said......
It all began when i went in search of an article I thought I had saved in a binder-I started searching everywhere for it and before I knew it, my space looked like this-And, after all that I forgot why I was looking for in the first place!!
Here is my space!!!
I am walled off by the bookcases from the kids side so my space feels extremely cramped.
I began going through my stuff to see what I have.
Either my stuff has been multiplying or I have multiple personalities!!! Every time I look there is another box with a whole new pile of stuff to sort through. Do I really have this many books and magazines!! Where did all of these fabrics and ribbons come from and where were they when I needed them?? When did I become a serious scrapbooker???? I must have had every intention of doing so when my kids were little because I have a bunch of papers, stickers, albums and stamps that I have never used just taking up valuable space. The funny thing is now I only scrapbook digitally. 

I am really glad I am finally doing this. For me "cleaning house" is good for the mind, body and soul.  Its time to let go of some of the things that I have held on to for so many years.   

I wish some of my art buddies lived nearby so they could rummage through the stuff. My mom is coming by later to stake her claim on some artwork and some decorations. I am donating the bookcases and desks. The fabrics and papers are probably going to my grandma and her buds so they can make some stuff too.
I don't know how much money I have wasted over the years on extra stuff that I don't need.
Now I strive to simplify my life. I have started inside my house-I believe this is a step in that direction.
Keep everything organized and functional so I can work
-I am keeping only what I really use and need. 
-I will put to better use the white shelf system from ELFA- Its adjustable, it holds a ton of stuff and it's removable 
-I have 2 very tall desks from Pier1 but I am only keeping one for me, the other goes to the kids side of the room. My desk will house a lot on the sides of it and underneath it.
-Buy a regular height desk to work on  from IKEA with a "good" chair from Office Max.  
-Conceal the wall with all of my supplies with a white curtain or  something like that. 
-I also found some great bookcases at IKEA called Billy that can be customized and a little storage unit on casters that has a bunch of wide shallow drawers.

I will take pictures of the progress and put it up this weekend.
If I order the stuff from IKEA today, they should arrive around the 2nd on March.
That gives me time to really clean out everything. 

BYE for Now



Gail Lackey said...

I know the feeling! When your done come by my place! I have to walk sideways to get through!
Happy hauntings, Gail

Rosanna said...

Hi Gail,
I would love that but first you have to dig me out from under one of my piles that collapsed!!

Messy Dusty Hugs,

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

well it sure sounds like you are a girl with a mission!!! You have way more ambition then I do that's for sure. I started to organize my material the other day and barley got rid of anything!!! My keep pile is WAY bigger then my pile to give:( Now it seems my room is in worse shape then when I started!!
I can't wait to see photos, it sounds like it will be the perfect space when you are finished:)

Good luck


Lezlei Ann Young said...

I think I am just going to hire somebody!

Don't get overwhelmed...make sure you get your creative relief!


Bone*Head*Studios said...

I'm so in awe of all your wonderous dolls, they are simply beautiful!!!!

Maide said...

Hah...this story is so true.
...its the same i think about these days ;-)
I have so many little stuff and thinks i tought i need it for my work,
magazines so much that i can build a house with them....and yes...i you looking for something you dont find it...Please come and help ;-)))
Its so hard to start !!!

Lovely regards

Your blog is great !!!