Sunday, February 22, 2009

Early Spring Cleaning!

Hi everyone!! Just a quick blurb to let you know that this week I will clean out boxes and
re-organize my small studio so that I can work once again. I think I will pay Ikea and the Container Store a visit. I will put up some pics of the progress this coming week.
Bye for now!


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

I know what you mean Rosanna, I too am going to start cleaning out my SMALL space and am going to get rid of alot of stuff too.....At least that is my plan..LOL
Please post some pics so we can watch the progress:)


Lisa Gatz said...

Me too, I need a good cleaning in my studio and I need the bravery to let go of things that I have moved past art-wise.

Debra said...

Yeah Another one cleaning, sorting, and getting the spring clean warm-up! I just finished mine. Hey maybe we should have a trade off? Have fun, it took me a couple weeks.

Rosanna said...

Its nice to see I'm not alone!! It's hard to purge so many things that I think I might use one day but I really need the space. I thought about selling some things on ebay but then came to my sense after realizing I would have to sort, photograph, accurately describe, store it and then mail it. I think it would defeat the purpose of clean "out". I will post the before pics later.
Big Messy Hugz!!

Lola Enchanted said...

I have to do the very same thing!!!!!!! Can't wait to see those pics!!!