Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi again! I hope everyone is doing great, I was working on the kids back to school shopping when a friend asked me some background info on the works I just did for Peculiar Playmates and I realized I didn't add any info and so I would like to apologize for that.I get caught up in the process and then the pictures and forget that you can't read my mind.
This is a long post but here it goes...

The girls I make are in that moment in time when we are still innocent but are aware of the dangers of life. They still want to believe in fairytales, true love and happy endings. They see the reality of everything around them a little bit different than others do. They are always thinking and dreaming.
They believe in "magic" or the supernatural, they have a sense of humor, a moral compass, but they are still learning and falter at times!
Often alone because they are this way, they choose to care for things that maybe others wouldn't value.

Nina sees a life growing inside of the egg, it is the symbol for the universe and creation, she knows what she holds in her hands is precious, so she treats it that way. Her little hat represents a halo for her good intentions, and her blue dress represents the heavens, she is bare foot because she wants to be well grounded and connected to the earth.

Veronica has a dilemma, a common one, she has grown to care for her little snails but her curiosity for the "fruits of knowledge" is quite strong. She has a book for cooking escargot(sorry I didn't photograph it well, but she has it) and as a student of life she wonders if its worth it. Could she bring herself to sacrifice one of them in her quest for knowledge and experience. (snails represent eternity and labyrinths her laced up green ribbons are doubt)

Lila is the one with the cephalopod on her head (they represent cleverness). She wears the colors of innocence and appears to be playing a child's game of tea party, but by the style of the clothing you can see that she is changing, no longer a child. She is eager to know what comes next and is reading her tea leaves as well as Cely's to maybe catch a glimpse of what the future holds.

Maggie is the archetypal nurturing good mother and sacrificing soul. She is all in white representing purity, and silk for strength, her pink sash is her "cord" connecting her to this world. She holds her delicate babies on a silk string so she can carry and protect them until they are ready to enter this world. She stands very still and allows them to practice walking on her and spreading their wings until they are ready for flight. She wears a fur shawl to cover them from the harsh weather and hide them from danger. Her silk dress spun from the cocoons that they have discarded and left behind to remind them that she is a part of them and they can always come home. She treasures them

Agatha and Buzzy are what they are, creepy cute and funny!!
Agatha is that little mischievous child, that wants what she wants, when she wants it is NOW!!!
Buzzy was once a feared,scavenger and hunter, but she has been worn down by this child to the point that she allows herself to be dressed up in ribbons and bows and taken on walks on a tiny string leash which she could easily rip apart with her beak, but ughh, why bother!!
Buzzy's feathers represent TRUTH, truth is, I know at certain times in my life i have been each of these characters, Maybe you have been too??
hope you enjoyed the insight!!
BTW-Here's an article on NBC Miami featuring a picture of a little pixie I made named
Rosemary Jane!


Joanna Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing your figures 'secrets'! I love reading each one's story and what they had to tell.. I was reminded of my daughter when she was small and she used to pick the caterpillars off the tress and put them all over her fear! LOL
In the midst of this time she had an imaginary friend that stayed with her for a few years named "Butterfly".. We all believed in 'Butterfly' because in childhood the 'magic' is real~

Rosanna Pereyra said...

That is so beautiful and so true!!
The age of innocence is pure magic!

Yaya Chique said...

Hi sweetie!
First, thanks for droppin' by the Yaya and leaving such a loving comment!

I LOVE your work...beautiful treasures! I look foward to reading more....xo...deb