Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YAY SCHOOL!!! I will now be a bizzzy bee!

The kids are back in school after a great summer and I am so glad that September is fast approaching!! Fall is my favorite time of year-the colors, the HOLIDAYS, the fashions and all. I didn't work much on the artdolls over the summer because of the sweltering heat but hopefully September will begin a much needed cooling down to maybe the low 90's or high 80's.
I can't wait to get busy on my art again!

I have been invited to participate in some art shows, which I am thrilled and honored to do, there is a halloween one and a small artwork show. I will be sharing the details and the work in stages but not the final product until the show dates. 
Congrats to my friend Diane Keeler, her beautiful doll is on the cover of an Art doll magazine.
She makes the most amazing dolls, her flappers from the 20's are without a doubt the best that I have ever seen.  Check out her site on my favorites if you are not familiar with her work as well as Dollery.com. 

Sorry I didn't post any artwork this time I just wanted to blog something before another day passed me by. 

My best to all,