Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alice in Wonderland at Last! (95% complete)

I am honored to present my Alice in Wonderland
Like I always say, I apologize for the quality, I am a poor photographer but I try
(picture 2 and 5 enlarge, the rest don't want to cooperate)

I usually don't take or show pictures of my commission work because some of my collectors prefer their pieces to be private.
Except for this one, YAY!. A close friend asked that I not post it until today so it can remain a surprise. Here's a quick lookie-loo at my Alice. She is 95% complete, just needs her hair done and a hat of her own(she borrowed this one from another sculpted girl). That will be finished and handed over tonight. Alice is almost 10 inches tall and a full sculpt except for the elbows and shoulders so that she can gently pose her arms. I was told she will be holding a little pig in a blanket so I sculpted the hands in a pose that will allow for that.

I had a great time putting together all of the bits and pieces to make her special. I love, love details! I could have easily gotten carried away with this one, where talkin' furniture, pottery, scenery, the works! Luckily the request was for just the doll.

Anyway, back to work!! I have a gift to make for a friend and then some show pieces to start on.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Studio for 2010-Update

Here is an update on my new workspace. I have painted the once light blue walls a richer shade of blue green and the white ceiling is now a dirty off white parchment color. I purchased a few pieces of furniture. The dresser was $52 at Salvation Army, a table with 4 chairs was from a garage sale for $45 as was a cute tiny antique desk for $60, odds and ends $20. That is $177 so far and I am almost done. I am painting the chairs and table because the dark yellow is not my style. I will post the new pics this weekend when I finish painting and hanging some pictures.

Also i will begin working on a commission piece that is long overdue, Alice in Wonderland.
If I finish it in time(xfingers crossedx, Feb 24)it will be a miracle because i am still gathering supplies! I will post the progress pics when I begin after Valentines Day.
My best to all-Rosanna Pereyra