Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tin Heart, Dorothy and Alice!

Hope your February has been great so far, we had a wonderful 2 day cold spell here in Florida. Cooler temperatures are always better for me to create.
Inspired by the new Oz movie that will be coming out soon I quickly (and I mean quickly) put together some things just for fun.
Here is the Tin Man's Heart
and you too can make one of these with a free tutorial by 
the talented and witty Christi Friesen. There are a bunch of free projects on that link;)
                                            and a quick portrait of Dorothy

and last but not least a quickly put together concept doll for a 1920's Alice in Wonderland.
Her eyes are open wide, she's shocked by what she sees;)

I have been sketching a lot this month and am participating in a Misty Mawn Open Studio class to experiment with different art styles. I tend to be a little bit rigid and old school when it comes to sculpting and drawing. I really enjoy learning how other artists approach their work.
Misty has a spontaneous and free manner that I love. I must remind myself that not everything has to be perfect for me to make something.That's right, the laundry and dishes are gonna wait while I create!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, have a great week and weekend
All my best,