Saturday, January 21, 2012


The 2 fairy sweeties are now in my ETSY store and ready to go to their new homes with you!
If you live outside of the US and want to purchase them please feel free contact me for shipping costs.

I will only be making 18 more babies.
I have several projects and commissions, so if you like them please don't wait too long to get one.

I was invited by the amazing Donna Kato to teach an online class at Craftedu and we came up with something whimsical and unique or all of you out there.
I will give you all of the details on Monday!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two more fairies going to Etsy this weekend!!

Hi everyone!
I hope you have all been having a wonderful January. The weather here is finally back to normal, 77 degrees,(which is great for sculpting!) after a few days of cold weather. Cold in Florida means 40's and 50's. Here are my newest fairy babies that will be up on Etsy this weekend. I wanted to give my friends a peek before they go to my Etsy shop.

They are approx. 6 inches tall polymer clay head and soft weighted body. I use different shades of clay for the different types of fairies. They have been painted with heat set oils. They are adorned with shells, feathers, moss and sometimes flowers and crystals. The fabrics and hair are all hand dyed and each and everyone is a handmade original that can be hung by the top of the cord or placed anywhere you want.

Here they are!
The first one is a Nature fairy baby and it is swaddled in a creamy tan color head dress and wrapped in a forest green blanket, this baby has brown hair.
The little girl is a Flowering Tree fairy in cotton candy colors with vibrant pink hair, white head dress, pink flower and pink blanket.

Thanks for visiting!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have had many requests for my fairy/pixie babies but until now you could only
purchase them at benefit auctions or win one as a gift.

I am happy to announce that I will be offering them and accepting commissions
for them on my ETSY STORE!

The first one has been reserved by Rosa and she has requested similar colors to a
previous one I made.

One of a kind fairy/pixie babies.
They are approx. 5.5 inch tall. The head is hand sculpted from a blend of polymer clays then baked over an armature. It is then painted with oil paints and acrylic washes to give it a natural muddied baby skin tone. Hand dyed tibetan lambs wool is then applied lock by lock for the hair. The body is soft cotton that has been weighted and swathed in different layers of cotton and gauze that I have hand dyed.
The doll is not removable from the blanket.
It can be displayed as is or hung from its cord from a hook or a little branch.
It will arrive with an adorable one of a kind certificate as well.

***If you contact me you can customize your fairy/pixie babies
hair color : white,blonde, brown, red and black
Freckles or none
Flowers and crystals will be added onto the side of the head for little girls upon request.
I cannot reproduce my dolls but I can make a similar color combo.

They make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, baby showers, and
any time you want to give a unique handmade gift.

I hope you visit my shop soon

kindest regards,