Friday, December 13, 2013

Sleeping Princess Sophie

 Shhhhh.......This little, blue haired, sleeping beauty is Princess Sophie. 
She was so exhausted after a night of festivities with her dear friend Marie-Antoinette that she fell asleep the moment she sat down. Oh! how they danced and laughed the night away!
I bet she's dreaming of all the cute boys they danced with!!

Princess Sophie is an example of what you will receive. She already has a home but there were many other guests at that party!!


The head, hands and feet will be sculpted from a blend of polymer clays then baked over an armature. Then painted with oil paints, acrylics, pastels and washes to give it a natural skin tone. The socks and shoes are painted. Her hand dyed tibetan lambs wool is then applied lock by lock for the hair and then styled. YOU CAN CHOOSE THE HAIR COLOR or I will customize it for you.
The body is sewn out of cotton and her costume is hand made from new, vintage and antique fabric pieces that I have collected. She wears an adornment in her hair. 
The doll's costume is not removable.
Her arms and legs can be gently posed.
She can be displayed as is or on top of a little pillow.
She will arrive with an adorable one of a kind certificate as well.

I put a lot of detail into everything I create. I cannot reproduce my dolls but I can make a similar color combo for you.  

Thanks for visiting me,

Friday, December 6, 2013

New Ornie for ADA Christmas Swap

Here's my little ornament for the Christmas Swap at Art Doll Artists. It's a tiny 2 inch fairy baby in a little nest. It has a ribbon to hang it on a tree or it can lay in its nest. I hope who ever ends up with it enjoys it. For some reason the picture doesn't pick up any of the tiny pearl beads and glitter on it, I really need to stop using my iphone for photos.

Can you believe 2013 is almost gone!! It went by way too fast for me. I hope everyone of you is enjoying the holiday season and not getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. I wish the seasons in South Florida were a little different (at least fall/winter) so it didn't seem like summer all year long. It gets expensive just turning the a/c down to 65 so I can wrap myself in a cozy blanket and sip a nice hot cup of cider while its 84 degrees outside! If this mood persists I may just have to drive up 10 hours to north Florida to catch some cooler weather before the year ends.
Warm wishes(literally)

Monday, November 25, 2013

I love Annie Sloan Paint!

I usually don't show too many of my non-sculpting projects here but I really wanted to share this with anyone that likes to try DIY projects. Thirty five dollar dresser before and after! I used Annie Sloan paint in Linen with a white wash and some home depot drawer pulls. Super fast and simple.

I love this paint! I have already used it on 3 different pieces of furniture and like the fact that I don't have to prep the pieces. I wonder how long they will hold up. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Here's the Newest Ghost Bride Ornament

Here are a few WIP's and the finished pics of my newest little ghost bride. This sweet little ghost bride ornament has a hand sculpted head and hands with wire and foil armature, fabric body and gauze dress that ends where a ghost would have feet. She has peachy blonde hand dyed mohair and glass eyes that I painted several shades of red. Her skin is pale with soft hints of blue and she has been blushed in her face and hands. Her veil has fabric and paper flowers and she hangs from a soft blue ribbon on her head. Her wood coffin has been painted shades of black and dark green with some teal highlights. She is approximately 4 inches tall and 6 inches from head to end of gown.
She will arrive in her little coffin with a certificate of authenticity.
She will be posted on my ETSY shop tonight.
Feel free to convo me on my etsy shop if you have any questions.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Maybe just one more Halloween Ornament!

I loved making the little Halloween ornament so much that I'm going to make another one for my etsy shop. I will post the doll tomorrow!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Ghost Bride Halloween Ornament

Hope your'e all having an amazing Fall, my favorite season!! Summer is officially over but no one told Florida cuz the heat is still here, 90 degrees plus humidity=No Sculpting. But I was able to whip up this sad little sweetie for a special event. Here's a little creepy cutie I made for a Halloween ornament swap.

She is the ghost of a young bride that died of a broken heart, her groom never showed. She is being sent with her little wooden coffin. She is only 3.5 inches tall but her little ghostly dress unfolds to about 6 inches. She wears a veil and flowers in her hair.  She can be hung from the satin ribbon that matches her flowers on her head.

I absolutely love LOVE!! Fall and really wish we had a change of season here. I hope one day I can live in a place where the leaves change color as the temperatures begin to drop;)
In any case I will be making a few new pieces soon for my Etsy shop so see you soon!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Little Golden Years Art Show

I'm so excited to share my artwork for the upcoming show at Bear and Bird Gallery's "The Little Golden Years". Each artist received a Little Golden Book to inspire us to create a piece based on the story.

My book is titled "My Home" and it is an adorable story that sends the message that it doesn't matter where you live as long as you are loved there. The moment I read it I was flooded with memories of my own childhood and all of the places we called home and how they will always have a place in my heart. So for this show I started with a sketch and then sculpted the drawing as a bust but I decided to make the sculpted girl with her eyes closed, remembering and feeling her childhood home. I dyed her hair the same pink color as the title of the book and carved out an oval in her chest and then sculpted a little house with a tree behind it and some bushes and flowers in front. It is super tiny and hard to photograph but you get the idea;) and I also incorporated some purple flowers in front of her almost as if bittersweet tears made them grow there.

As I was dropping off my work I caught a glimpse of some of the other artists work and I can't wait to see them all once they are hung, talk about ADORABLE!! This show is being curated by the Queen of Cute, Heidi Kenney. I hope you can make it there in person or check out the PREVIEW SALE on Wednesday, June 26th at 8PM!

From Bear and Bird Blog:
This truly delightful group has created new artwork inspired by cherished classic Golden Book stories… Which books “Belonged to You”?
64 Colors; Amy Earles; Anna Tillet; Brandy Rumiez; Dan Goodsell; Danielle “Yelley” Rauto ; Danielle Estefan; Danny Brito; Deerjerk; Erica Sirotich; Greenbeanbaby; Heidi Kenney; Helena Garcia; Jannie Ho; Jennifer Strunge; Jenny Harada; Johnny Winslow; Julie West; Katie Shelton; Kerry Tichenor; Kim Laurenti; Kjersti Faret; Kristin Tercek; Maura Cluthe; pinkytoast; Rebecca Rogers; Rosanna Pereyra; Rosemary Travale; Roxy Marj; Ryan Berkley; Susie Ghahremani; The Little Friends of Printmaking; This Paper Ship; Thomas Kenney, Ward Jenkins and more!
Opening night reception: Friday, June 28th from 7-10pmFresh baked complimentary vegan treats will provided by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods! Yummy Yummy! …and TATE’S will provide complimentary beer/wine and a couple salty snacks!
Heidi Kenney will be in attendance for opening and also hosting a Yummy meet & greet Saturday 6/29 from 3-4pm


Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Show "The Little Golden Years"

  • Hi Everyone!!
    Here's the info on the show I'm participating in.

    The Little Golden Years
    Modern Artwork Inspired by our Favorite Golden Books
    Curated by Heidi Kenney

    Opening night reception: Friday, June 28th from 7-10pm
    Complimentary vegan treats were provided by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods!…and complimentary beer/wine from TATE’S!

    Heidi Kenney will be in attendance for opening and also hosting a Yummy meet & greet Saturday 6/29 from 3-4pm.

    I hope you can make it but if you can't get to it in person make sure to see it online at

Friday, May 31, 2013

Work in Progress for New Art Show

Hi everyone! Here's a WIP of my newest piece for an upcoming art show in June(please ignore my gnarly dried out hand). She is larger than the usual heads I make. I will post more Wips and details next week.  

have a great weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Selling some Art Books and Craft Books in My Ebay Store!

Hi everyone, Happy May and it's time for my late spring cleaning so
I'm cleaning out my closets and selling my amazing MA'CLAIM finest photorealistic graffiti book on ebay this week!! I will have other craft books, art books, and children's books listed too this weekend.

Great opportunity for artists, illustrators, collectors, picture book, and fairytale lovers 
to start or expand your own library!! 
Don't miss out!

 My Ebay Store

p.s. Just added Steampunkery too
Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sketch Dump

Here are just a few sketches and thoughts I want to share. I have been really busy(thankfully) in my job with amazing projects and have had to put my personal art and sculpting on the back burner.

Just like everyone else, things in my life are changing, I'm also in a different phase of life and I feel like my work wants to, has to, evolve as well. I have a new vision of how I want to take it from idea to paper to canvas to sculpture weaving a story. I strongly believe that as artists we pour our energy into every piece we create. Sometimes its raw and angry other times its serene and hopeful but the energy is always there as it should be. I will be making some new pieces soon and I hope you come along.
Again, these are just some quick sketches for fun-

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tin Heart, Dorothy and Alice!

Hope your February has been great so far, we had a wonderful 2 day cold spell here in Florida. Cooler temperatures are always better for me to create.
Inspired by the new Oz movie that will be coming out soon I quickly (and I mean quickly) put together some things just for fun.
Here is the Tin Man's Heart
and you too can make one of these with a free tutorial by 
the talented and witty Christi Friesen. There are a bunch of free projects on that link;)
                                            and a quick portrait of Dorothy

and last but not least a quickly put together concept doll for a 1920's Alice in Wonderland.
Her eyes are open wide, she's shocked by what she sees;)

I have been sketching a lot this month and am participating in a Misty Mawn Open Studio class to experiment with different art styles. I tend to be a little bit rigid and old school when it comes to sculpting and drawing. I really enjoy learning how other artists approach their work.
Misty has a spontaneous and free manner that I love. I must remind myself that not everything has to be perfect for me to make something.That's right, the laundry and dishes are gonna wait while I create!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, have a great week and weekend
All my best,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ok,Just one more!

Heres my Souldoll Kid Linn. I liked painting the other dolls enough to finally do this one. I only had the default eyes without pupils, no eyelashes, and a wig she came with(which I don't like, its a weird blonde color)
so I fashioned a quick wig from black mohair. I think she has a Snow White kind of look now so I am going to finish blushing her and I will make her an outfit too. I promise no more painted dolls for this week, I don't have any more to paint;)

Just for fun!

I bought some new pastel chalks and wanted to try them out so I gave 2 of my plastic girls a makeover.
Here's my Monster High Draculaura and my Dollplanet Mini Tara. I love seeing the difference in the before and after so I snapped a pic. Here they are!


Before and after

I think they look sweeter this way. Usually when I sculpt it takes days to get to this stage. This was a lot of fun because it only took a few minutes to get to where you see a personality emerge. Maybe I will do some more of these just for fun and sell them off as I go.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2013 so far and sticking to your goals and resolutions!!