Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Little Golden Years Art Show

I'm so excited to share my artwork for the upcoming show at Bear and Bird Gallery's "The Little Golden Years". Each artist received a Little Golden Book to inspire us to create a piece based on the story.

My book is titled "My Home" and it is an adorable story that sends the message that it doesn't matter where you live as long as you are loved there. The moment I read it I was flooded with memories of my own childhood and all of the places we called home and how they will always have a place in my heart. So for this show I started with a sketch and then sculpted the drawing as a bust but I decided to make the sculpted girl with her eyes closed, remembering and feeling her childhood home. I dyed her hair the same pink color as the title of the book and carved out an oval in her chest and then sculpted a little house with a tree behind it and some bushes and flowers in front. It is super tiny and hard to photograph but you get the idea;) and I also incorporated some purple flowers in front of her almost as if bittersweet tears made them grow there.

As I was dropping off my work I caught a glimpse of some of the other artists work and I can't wait to see them all once they are hung, talk about ADORABLE!! This show is being curated by the Queen of Cute, Heidi Kenney. I hope you can make it there in person or check out the PREVIEW SALE on Wednesday, June 26th at 8PM!

From Bear and Bird Blog:
This truly delightful group has created new artwork inspired by cherished classic Golden Book stories… Which books “Belonged to You”?
64 Colors; Amy Earles; Anna Tillet; Brandy Rumiez; Dan Goodsell; Danielle “Yelley” Rauto ; Danielle Estefan; Danny Brito; Deerjerk; Erica Sirotich; Greenbeanbaby; Heidi Kenney; Helena Garcia; Jannie Ho; Jennifer Strunge; Jenny Harada; Johnny Winslow; Julie West; Katie Shelton; Kerry Tichenor; Kim Laurenti; Kjersti Faret; Kristin Tercek; Maura Cluthe; pinkytoast; Rebecca Rogers; Rosanna Pereyra; Rosemary Travale; Roxy Marj; Ryan Berkley; Susie Ghahremani; The Little Friends of Printmaking; This Paper Ship; Thomas Kenney, Ward Jenkins and more!
Opening night reception: Friday, June 28th from 7-10pmFresh baked complimentary vegan treats will provided by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods! Yummy Yummy! …and TATE’S will provide complimentary beer/wine and a couple salty snacks!
Heidi Kenney will be in attendance for opening and also hosting a Yummy meet & greet Saturday 6/29 from 3-4pm


Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Show "The Little Golden Years"

  • Hi Everyone!!
    Here's the info on the show I'm participating in.

    The Little Golden Years
    Modern Artwork Inspired by our Favorite Golden Books
    Curated by Heidi Kenney

    Opening night reception: Friday, June 28th from 7-10pm
    Complimentary vegan treats were provided by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods!…and complimentary beer/wine from TATE’S!

    Heidi Kenney will be in attendance for opening and also hosting a Yummy meet & greet Saturday 6/29 from 3-4pm.

    I hope you can make it but if you can't get to it in person make sure to see it online at