Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving an Alien, and a Pretty Girl!

It is almost Thanksgiving here in the United States and I actually have my Christmas tree up already!! This year I wanted to get ahead of the usual craziness so I started everything a little bit earlier and what a difference it has made. I will be doing this every year from now on, it takes so much of the stress off of me and I get more time to create. I am up to date on my commission work so if you are on the list, no worries all orders will be filled and sent out before Christmas!

Here is a little peek at an Alien Girl commission I did over the past week-

And here is another pretty girl Cintia, she is also a part of the smaller size of artdolls I have started working in.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will be listing Cintia in my Etsy shop this Wednesday!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time for another artdoll update!

Here is the next sculpted art doll that will be up in my ETSY shop tonight! She is the first of a new smaller size I am currently working in. This one of a kind art doll is approx.12.5 inches tall including her white wooden base. She is hand sculpted in paper clay over wire armature and has a cloth body.

I made her a red head and covered her with the cutest freckles and soft blue eyes.
This little darling gave me the impression she wanted to feel like a princess so I gave her a crown of roses and I designed her dress in fine soft pink chiffon layers with sleeves that mimic flower petals and a rounded collar decorated with the tiniest pink pearls and a black satin neck tie. Her stockings are floral and she wears black ballet slippers. The dress was inspired by a few beautiful dresses I saw in the Spring 2017 runway shows;)

This is a one of a kind art doll and her outfit is not removable.

Please visit my etsy shop on the right sidebar for more artwork.

Thank you so much for visiting my site!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy, it just snuck up on me, November!

Hi friends, happy November! I know! can you believe it's already here, I just got used to writing 2016. That means there's only 2 months until 2017, and only 8 more Sundays and it's CHRISTMAS!! I love this time of year, everything seems to get a little hurried around here. I love to see the changes in the colors, the touches of pinks, coppers, lavender and mustard yellow, in South Florida we see the changes in the sunsets, the foods, the flowers that bloom and our wardrobe colors;)
This month is when I feel like I have to play catch up with my annual TO DO list so it looks like its time to get my butt in gear;)

Last month I was really busy with health stuff and family. I'm happy that I was still able to teach a class and start on 5 little dolls that I will be posting here next week, they are a new smaller size for those of you that don't have the space for a bigger doll. I have taken all of the commissions that I can handle and will continue to work on those until early January.

This weekend I will be listing my last 2 Fairy babies for the year, a pink and a blue, in my ETSY shop. They are ready to go and will make a great gift for anyone!
In the next 2 months I will be listing a doll every 2 weeks, so visit me for that and I will be making some cute and simple Christmas decorations that might inspire some of you to try some DIY of your own!!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tracking Hurricane Matthew!! Getting READY!!

Yes, were tracking Hurricane Matthew here in Miami:(
Getting our gear together, I hope and pray it doesn't hit us with any force. Hurricane Andrew was a nightmare I never want to go through again, so fingers crossed it weakens ASAP! Our prayers are with everyone in its path. 
PLEASE NOTE::If you have ordered something from me please give me a few extra days to see where we are as far as electricity, damage, flooding etc.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's almost over, September! and my class starts soon!!

First off--I apologize for not being as active here as I want to be, I'm having issues for quite a while now with blogger and am thinking of switching to something a little easier to update and maintain.
I do have an Instagram account that I post to every week and I am on facebook quite a bit as well.
So if you are on any of those, you can follow me and see more behind the scenes and projects Im currently working on. Enough of that;)
Well another season just started everywhere, except here:) it's officially Fall or Autumn if you prefer but here in Miami it is still 95 degrees with 100% humidity all of the time. I still like to pretend there's a season here so I start by switching the pillows on the sofa to more natural colors instead of my super bright summer palette and I lower the AC at night to 65 and drink hot tea, that's Fall, Y'all!
Luckily, I am traveling until the end of the month on business so I will be outta this sticky heat for a little bit!! But I will be back in time to start my doll class!!

"It's My Party" doll class will begin OCTOBER 1st at AforArtistic once again, so I hope you can join me! Just click the blue link to go sig up for the class!

I added 3 new Little Monsters on my Etsy shop this week. I have Gus the Ghost, 
Baby Bat, and Little Pumpkin Head. They are small and adorable and will arrive in the cutest little coffin or crate and they make a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves spooky creepy cute stuff!! 

I hope you like them!!
Have a great week!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fairy Bust Class Starts July 21!

Hi Everyone! We are having a Christmas in July Event at AforArtistic so please join us for a fun time learning to make ART DOLLS!!
My online Fairy Bust class starts JULY 21st!! This is a great class for beginners and experienced alike and I am there to answer any questions you may have.
Sculpting A Fairy Bust with Rosanna Pereyra, Doll Artist
Start Date: July 21, 2016
Class: Sculpting A Fairy Bust
Instructor: Rosanna Pereyra, Doll Artist
Cost: $45 for 4 lessons
All Skill Levels
In this magical class you will learn to sculpt a fairy bust using paper clay (air dry clay), paint the face and create the wings. This is a 4 lesson class that will take you step–by–step to make your very own Fairy Bust. Click here to go to

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Project!

Hi everyone, a big WELCOME and THANK YOU to all of my new students for joining me for the next 3 weeks in our Flapper class! Well, summer is almost here and I have started work on a small new project. This one will be geared towards the little ones but I hope adults will love it too! I am working on some scenes or vignettes for the new project and will be sharing some of the process photos as I go along.
I love paper mache and especially mushrooms so this was a fun way to get to work on both at once.
These are just very basic hand made foil, wire and paper tape mushrooms then painted in acrylic colors. I am making the grass from decorative materials I found and some of the flowers will be paper crepe. So here is the start of it all.

Tons to go before I can get it the way I want it but its a start. Well, I hope you all have a great weekend, have some fun and create something that will make you or someone else smile!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Original Flapper Class Begins Tomorrow May26!

Hi everyone! My latest doll class, The Original Flapper, begins tomorrow at
There is still time to join in and learn how to make your very own art doll. I provide you with everything you will need to recreate The Flapper including a template, hundreds of step by step photos and clear instructions on a printable PDF. You can also ask me any questions for the duration of the class as well as send me progress photos for me to review and give advice on.
With what you will learn in my classes you can then create one of a kind personalized gifts for friends and family!! Think of all the red hat society ladies or seniors in your life that would get such a treat out of receiving one of these or getting a gift certificate for the class makes a great gift too!
Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Bear and Bird Gallery Show "Return of Stitch Wars" Starts tomorrow!!

I hope you locals can make it to the show tomorrow, it is going to be a lot of fun and there will be work from some amazing artists. Amanda, the owner of Bear and Bird Gallery, always strives to make each show unique and she helps us as artists step out of our routine and comfort zone with her themes, I am so delighted to have been included!
Oh and that's Mab Graves little wookie on the flyer!
I personally LOVE her art as well as so many of the other artists so I hope you get a chance to stop by!
featuring artwork created by the hands of
A. Pants; Allison Hoffman; Amanda Coronado; Andreanna DiBenedetto; Anthony Ruiz; Brenda Burton; Cari Corene; Carrie Filetti; Chelpanda; Chelsea Bloxsom; Cheryl Sleboda; Christine Benjamin; Crafty Dork; Croshame; Danielle Estefan; Danny Brito; Dianna Oates; Horrible Adorables; Kerry Tichenor; Kickiest Crafts; Kreisten Suskey; Lazystitch; Mab Graves; Mandy Jouan; MsBittyKnacks; Rosanna Pereyra; Scrumptious Delight; The Roving Hedgehog; Yummy Pancake; Zooguu and more!

Here is my entry on the right, a Bazine Netal little monster doll. She is a stuffed fabric doll with a hand sculpted polymer clay face. She also has a small cross and skull on her side showing she is a Little Monster series doll. She is saying goodbye to her Blue Monster brother on the left.

Exhibit opens during TATE’S Star Wars Family Fun Day Event

Saturday, May 14 Beginning at 11 am!!
Have an awesome weekend!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

I'm lucky enough to have my mom, grandma, sister and great friends near me so I like to make our gatherings a bit more special on Mother's Day. I decorated everything in my fave colors and prepared a brunch just for us ladies. We had all of our favorites from our old country and some new faves too.
I had a lot of fun making all of the decorations and choosing just the right little goodies for each of them. I hope all of you moms had a great day!

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Latest Class "The Original Flapper" starts soon!

The Original Flapper Class 
Start Date: May 26, 2016
Instructor: Rosanna Pereyra, Paper Clay Doll Artist
Available online at Aforartistic
Just click link above to go there!
Cost: $50 for 4 lessons
All Skill Levels
Lesson 1 -  May 26
Lesson 2 -  June 2
Lesson 3 -  June 9
Lesson 4 -  June 16
Once Lesson One opens, it remains available until this classroom closes  
In this class we will creating a really fun and unique character. 
Its time to step back and relive the magic of the jazz era, the Roaring 20's. Meet Ethel "Miss BeeHaven 1926" Fitzpatrick, the last living Flapper!
Ethel spends her nights in smokey, seedy jazz clubs around the world telling stories about the glory days. She was one of the first 
"girls" to cut off her hair, throw out that corset, and hike up her skirts to show off those ankles!
She smoked, drank and danced the nights away with the best of them. She also loves sharing photos and stories about the wild times she and her great friend Zelda Fitzgerald had!!
Ethel was even rumored to have dated a sexy bootlegger that served as the inspiration for Jay Gatsby!! 
Ever the wild and free Flapper, Ethel has traveled the world, had many adventures, poets have written about her, artists have painted her but none has ever managed to capture her heart enough to make a Mrs. out of her.
Join me in immortalizing her spirit by creating her likeness as a Paperclay Art Doll. In this class we will be creating the armature for a standing doll. Then we will be sculpting an elderly face, arms and legs in paper­clay. She will have a fabric body and will be gently posable. We will then paint and dress the doll as well as adding some fun details to her costume. Last will be a wig and a head piece.
This doll sculpture is approximately 17 inches tall. I am including a template for you to print out to make the class even easier to follow. This class is very forgiving, there is really no wrong way to sculpt an elderly character.
Lesson One: Create a strong wire armature, then sculpt the face, hands and legs.
Lesson Two: Painting the Face, Gloves, Shoes and Legs, Varnish­ing the Doll, and Assembling the Doll's body.
Lesson Three: Costuming the Doll
Lesson Four: Wigging and Accessories Time!

I hope you can join in on the fun!!

Yes I'm a thrifty chic crafty DIYer!!

Try saying that a few times;) So here's the jist of this post, I have a ton of intentions and ideas but not a lot of money to spend so I love thrifting and finding awesome deals, most of my house is furnished with thrifted and hacked stuff.
So this weekend I went to 2 local shops and scored a few things at 30% 0ff and spent less than $10. I already had the can of Lavender paint and the tin with the flowers which are the inspiration piece for the theme I will be using to decorate my mothers day brunch table with.

Also I bought my thrift store chairs a while back and they needed some love and color so I am painting them with my favorite, Annie Sloan Paint, in Napoleonic Blue, that stuff goes on everything! I will show you my dining room once the chairs are finished.

Stop by again this week, I will be sharing some decorating ideas for my mother's day brunch on a tight budget.


Friday, April 29, 2016

The Night Fairy is now in my Etsy Shop!

Here is my Night Fairy completed.
She is pale like the moon and cloaks herself in the night sky. She glides through the veil of night watching over all creations of the night. As she passes over the world with her dream catcher in hand she sets out to make the dark a little less frightening for the rest of us.

Her head, hands and legs are sculpted out of paperclay over wire armature and cloth body. She stands approx. 17 inches tall, 18 inches with black base and 20 inches with wings.
She has porcelain white skin with light blushing and several eye shadow colors. Her hair is short dark green with multi color feathers in her hair. Her costume is made up of 2 toned indigo silk and black silk chiffon with a black beaded bodice with the tiniest miniature stars scattered throughout. She has layers and layers of green and black feathers with flaming orange feathers on top and several purple and blue feather details throughout. She has paisley blue green and gold pantaloons under her skirt and sculpted black legs. Her wings are painted silk permanently attached to her armature and they, as well as the dolls arms, are gently posable.
She holds a dream catcher that is made from a vintage crochet piece with glass beads sewed on and adorned with silk pieces. She is permanently affixed to a black round base. Please visit my Etsy store for purchase details.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Night Fairy!

Hi everyone, the week is almost over (and so is April)and I am putting the finishing touches on my Night Fairy. I will list her tomorrow in my Etsy shop with all of the details.
I am also working on a stuffed doll for the Bear and Bird show "Stitch Wars", yup its Star Wars inspired and so much fun!

Thanks for taking the time to visit me and if you need any inspiration or ideas for mothers day. Stop by next week where I will be making some artsy craftsy stuff for my Mother's Day Brunch!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fairy Baby listed today!

Here is the listing I wrote about yesterday.

One of a kind Teal blue fairy/pixie baby with pale skin and white hair.

This is an approx. 6 inch one of a kind art doll. The head is hand sculpted from a blend of polymer clays then baked over an armature. It is then painted with oil paints and acrylic washes to give it a natural muddied very fair baby skin tone. Hand dyed tibetan lambs wool is then applied lock by lock for the hair. The body is soft cotton that has been weighted and swathed in different layers of cotton and gauze that I have hand dyed. The baby wears Teal and is adorned with feathers, a sea shell, natural fibers and twine. 

OPTION:If you would like the baby to be a girl please specify and I will be happy to add flowers and Swarovski crystals on the side of the head. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a great Easter! I am wrapping up some commission work and will be putting the finishing touches on a new class for A for Artistic. I will be posting the class photos and dates as soon as I get the okay from Adele;)
In the mean time, I just received one of my fairy babies back from the store display and will be posting it on my etsy store this week. Also here is a peek at a commissioned piece for a flower fairy I did. I will be working on 3 more commissions and then I am done and will be putting things in my store once more.

See you in a few days!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Keeping up with my Art & Instagram;)

Hi everyone! I am working on a new class for Aforartistic, a project for  the "Stitch Wars" show at Bear and Bird gallery and a few dolls works to put up on my etsy shop, so visit me here or on my instagram account   if you want to see more process photos.
These are from 2 weeks ago. I hope you enjoy!



These were on Display and are will be going to my Etsy shop tomorrow!
Have a great Sunday

Friday, February 19, 2016

Giant Flower Backdrops Now Available for Custom Orders in my Etsy Shop

Due to all of the inquiries I had at my booth for custom flower orders, 
I am now offering paper flower backdrops in South Florida for :
decorating a room or table or wall,
baby showers, baptism, birthdays,weddings, mothers day, valentines, any holiday, any occasion, parties and all kinds of events in my local area of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County. 

I can make you a custom color palette for your event. 
I can also design many other things such as a flower cake, table decorations, centerpieces, and bouquets.

If you want a single giant flower or 1000 flowers just send me a message so we can work out the details.

The $500 dollar price is for a 4 foot by 10 foot arch like the one in the first picture. (dolls,tent and tables not included ) 

I need 3 weeks to complete that order.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you on your event!!
Rosanna Pereyra
email me at

New Faces!

I'm so glad to have my space back to normal after all of the flowers I had everywhere! I am working on a few commission pieces.

Here is one of the faces I can share with you, first layers of paint and then with "makeup". She is a dark skinned beauty with caramel eyes and will be about 12 inches tall, she is already spoken for but I will be happy to create a custom one for you.

I am also taking local orders, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, for flower wall/backdrops. Email me at if you would like to make an inquiry.

Have a great weekend!