Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ok,Just one more!

Heres my Souldoll Kid Linn. I liked painting the other dolls enough to finally do this one. I only had the default eyes without pupils, no eyelashes, and a wig she came with(which I don't like, its a weird blonde color)
so I fashioned a quick wig from black mohair. I think she has a Snow White kind of look now so I am going to finish blushing her and I will make her an outfit too. I promise no more painted dolls for this week, I don't have any more to paint;)

Just for fun!

I bought some new pastel chalks and wanted to try them out so I gave 2 of my plastic girls a makeover.
Here's my Monster High Draculaura and my Dollplanet Mini Tara. I love seeing the difference in the before and after so I snapped a pic. Here they are!


Before and after

I think they look sweeter this way. Usually when I sculpt it takes days to get to this stage. This was a lot of fun because it only took a few minutes to get to where you see a personality emerge. Maybe I will do some more of these just for fun and sell them off as I go.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2013 so far and sticking to your goals and resolutions!!