Friday, January 22, 2016

More Doll W.I.P.s!!(work in progress)

Its been a few crazy days here in South Florida, we went from high 80's to low 70's and now lots of rain. Here are the girls in the next stage of make up. I have given them all a heavy black liner, soft makeup with a pinky-red lip to keep the look fresh. I have already made the costumes and am working on the shoes. I will share those photos as we get closer to the show date.

Next week starts the hair and accessories. Then on to the decorations for the booth!
This week I over worked my right hand and now I have swollen fingers, which sucks to put it mildly.
I will rest it this weekend and then its back to work!

Have a great weekend


Monday, January 11, 2016

Fashion for Art Festival!

My date with the Art Festival is quickly approaching,Feb 13-15th, and I still have so much left to do! The one thing that brings me a little comfort is knowing that I work better with deadlines and under pressure;)
I am at the stage in the work that I can see that its coming together in a way I like, slowly but surely.
My creative side always wants to create something wildly extravagant with all of the trimmings and then my practical side slaps my creative side and yells-Get a grip!!Your'e on a budget and a schedule so lets get to work!
I was inspired by 2 designers whose work touched on several ideas I can relate to. Since I have a background in fashion design and Miami has a lot to do with the fashion world I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate that in an art doll for this event.
 There will be 10 art dolls, some who you may know;), each one is approximately 18 to 20 inches tall but with hair and bases some will be almost 24 inches tall. These are my largest dolls to date.
I have a lot of work left to do on the booth as well. I want to give it some decorations without calling attention away from the art.
For this show, the dolls are my own version of 3D fashion illustrations. Here is what I do after sculpting every doll and sanding them. I begin layering 2 to 3 acrylic colors for the skin, photo 1, then washes of watercolors and pastels to bring in some color and features, photo 2. Once dry I paint in the eyes and varnish everything. My girls are all painted and assembled and lined up on my work table awaiting costuming, then wigging!! The bases are also waiting for some sanding, holes, paint and varnish.
All of this actually took over a month and a half of hard work starting from the idea, to illustration, to gathering supplies and materials, then creating armatures, sculpting, drying, sanding and painting.
I still have a month of work to go. In the end its all worth it to see all of that energy you put into creating something that is then being taken home by someone who admires and appreciates it.


P.S. Stop by soon for more work in progress pics!