Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me Me Me Art Show!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share the piece I finished for the Me Me Me Show at the Bear and Bird Gallery. I hope alot of you will attend, this is a great way to meet some amazing artists and to buy some great art! I love this gallery, they always have great stuff happening.

The above picture is poor quality so I will have a better one soon but you get the idea. 
This next pic is Ophelia for the ADO challenge and she is almost done. I need to wig her and add the details to her shoes and the log. 

Also, just started work on a little boy orphan. Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out and About

I went out for a drive the other day just to get some fresh air and this is what I saw.

A male Peacock walking on my side yard

A beautiful tree in front of a school yard

Really nice house entrances
When I retire I would love to live in a little coral cottage near the water. For now I will admire the sites, take many pictures and share with you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New WIP's(work in progress) and a Creepy Cutie Ophelia!

Hi again, I'm back with a few pics of what I'm currently working on. This first picture is a WIP of a piece I'm doing for the Bear and Bird gallery show Me!Me!Me! in April. This is NOT what I actually look like, she's a younger and better looking version of me: my alter ego. I have to finish the piece by this weekend!?@#AAAHHHHGG!! I love working under pressure!!

The next pic is a WIP for a great group I am now a member of ADO, Art Dolls Only,  its a challenge with a Shakespeare theme. I chose to do a Creepy Cute version of the Ophelia from Millais painting, she was such a tragic character in Hamlet and in real life. In my version she still wears the silver dress and the violet garland around her neck but she has already passed. 

As soon as the challenge is over she will be the first piece for sale on my new Etsy shop!!. I will sell most of my challenge pieces there, so please visit my shop when you can. 
This is not the finished piece at all-this is just a rough idea for me to plan out the materials and the pose that I will do. This is only her actual face which still needs a lot of work.
I'm also working on a little orphan boy!!
Bye for now-Rosanna

Friday, March 6, 2009


The hard part is finally over! Now I just need a concrete drill bit to put up my huge inspiration board and the ribbon shelf and a few white curtains to hide the supplies. The unexpected benefit of working so hard was that I lost 3 pounds in one week!!! I'm also covered in bruises from all of the heavy moving and building of things, but who cares-I lost 3 pounds!! For those of you that don't know me, I started a diet to lose 50 pounds in October and since December the scale hasn't moved, so you can see how great I feel to be able to lose 3 pounds. "ONLY" 37 more to go-yay! My goal is that by Fall I "will" (positive mindset) be back into shape. At least now I can focus on my artwork again!! 

BIG NEWS--I just set up an Etsy account and will begin selling some things there soon.

Big Hugs and Thank You so much for visiting my blog