Friday, April 29, 2016

The Night Fairy is now in my Etsy Shop!

Here is my Night Fairy completed.
She is pale like the moon and cloaks herself in the night sky. She glides through the veil of night watching over all creations of the night. As she passes over the world with her dream catcher in hand she sets out to make the dark a little less frightening for the rest of us.

Her head, hands and legs are sculpted out of paperclay over wire armature and cloth body. She stands approx. 17 inches tall, 18 inches with black base and 20 inches with wings.
She has porcelain white skin with light blushing and several eye shadow colors. Her hair is short dark green with multi color feathers in her hair. Her costume is made up of 2 toned indigo silk and black silk chiffon with a black beaded bodice with the tiniest miniature stars scattered throughout. She has layers and layers of green and black feathers with flaming orange feathers on top and several purple and blue feather details throughout. She has paisley blue green and gold pantaloons under her skirt and sculpted black legs. Her wings are painted silk permanently attached to her armature and they, as well as the dolls arms, are gently posable.
She holds a dream catcher that is made from a vintage crochet piece with glass beads sewed on and adorned with silk pieces. She is permanently affixed to a black round base. Please visit my Etsy store for purchase details.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Night Fairy!

Hi everyone, the week is almost over (and so is April)and I am putting the finishing touches on my Night Fairy. I will list her tomorrow in my Etsy shop with all of the details.
I am also working on a stuffed doll for the Bear and Bird show "Stitch Wars", yup its Star Wars inspired and so much fun!

Thanks for taking the time to visit me and if you need any inspiration or ideas for mothers day. Stop by next week where I will be making some artsy craftsy stuff for my Mother's Day Brunch!!