Saturday, January 30, 2010

PMC and a New Work Space

I hope everyone has had a great January so far!
This past week I had my first experience working on Silver PMC, Precious Metal Clay.
To me it's a combination of pottery clay, paper clay and polymer clay because it is sticky and needs to air dry, it can be formed and stamped and baked but it takes a much higher temperature to cure, were talkin' kiln here.
I made myself a dog tag and it was a lot of fun! I really liked that you can play with the color of the silver with chemicals.
Also-This week I decided that I would take over one more place in the house to work privately.
The space I work in now is great but I share it with everyone including our three dogs. If you search my blog you will see exactly what my work space looks like. Its very IKEA.
The new space is quite small but it has a large window for natural light and a door that I can close and work uninterrupted(or so I tell myself). Since the room will be only inhabited by myself I am going to put some of my Fractured Fairytale touches into it.
Some dingy color on the walls, artwork, a handful of crystals, a stack of old books, some tarnished silver and colors and textures that inspire me.
As a challenge to myself( and my budget) the majority of this will be put together from discount stores, flea market and thrift store finds.
Here are some of the finds from my first trip

I will keep you posted as the room progresses and of my next projects.
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just a quick hello and picture of a project I was working on this weekend.
I attended my first miniature festival in Sarasota. I met so many wonderful artists and collectors. I was there to take a mini class by the extremely talented Valerie Casson all the way from France.
We made a "Romantic Lady's desk and chair". She supplied us with some wonderful print outs, a beautiful pink vase sculpted by her as well as a tiny little deer statue. Her materials and instructions were great. We ran out of time before I could even get half way done so she actually took the time and gave me a quick one on one lesson on how to finish it at home. After that, we attended a gathering at Molly Cromwell's house, she was wonderful as well.

It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet Valerie. Now I have a new pal in France!
Here is a picture of what I ended up making at home. I didn't like how my scroll work came out so I sanded the whole piece and did a decopage number on it and then aged it.
I gave it a Michal Negrin vibe(and background!). One project down many more to go!!

Best wishes-Rosanna