Friday, October 24, 2008


This is the easiest and fastest method for me to make hands when the doll is very small or when I don't feel the doll needs a hand armature.  

1-I start with 2 small squares of clay for the palm. 
2-I roll out a long thin piece of clay for the fingers, then cut 2 sets of four fingers. 
3-I attach the the middle finger first then index, 3rd and pinky. 
4-Next is the thumb which I make sort of a teardrop shape and attach to hand.  
5-I mark 2 straight lines as the sides of the fingernails with a needle and then do the rounded part on top. 
6-Bake according to clay you use---but BEWARE-if you walk away from the oven the little hands will burn!!
7-Once cooled you can blush with artists pigments, acrylic washes, heat set oils or whatever make up you want to use.
REMEMBER- This is just one of the ways I make hands, there are many different ways to do it, so just have fun!

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