Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Practicing on Heads

March is here and I hope everyone up north is staying warm, its been a brutal winter for most of you.
Im slowly working on a new class I will be offering this year at

Heres a face I sculpted in paper clay and then decided to just have at it with a pencil and smudger. Sometimes I like to experiment/destroy;) draw, carve, scrape the heads with different mediums just to see what it can look like, its actually relaxing and kinda fun! This was a simple one just looking at an old sketch and trying to make it resemble the drawing.

I highly recommend doing something like this once in a while, we can get caught up in getting everything so right that we forget to experiment and have fun. If you keep a box of spare parts to experiment on you won't mess up your good ones and you will be more inclined to try some crazy things that might end up looking fantastic or learning a new technique;)

Warm wishes,


shannonc60 said...

She is beautiful and looks very much like your sketch. Great work!

Lola Enchanted said...