Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy December!!

Well the year is almost over, I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit!! This time of year just flies by so quickly for me especially since the seasons dont change around here. My preppy little tree is up and about 85% decorated;) I will share some pics this weekend.

I feel very honored that I was selected again to participate in the St Stephens Art Festival along side the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in February. I am creating a whole new collection just for the February show with some very large girls, all are over 2 feet tall!! I can't wait to show everyone the work but since it is a juried show I cant show the completed pieces until after the judges see it, so in the mean time I will show you my progress pics as I go as well as some of my booth decorations as I make them!! Im all about the details:D

For art shows I like to have the idea of the theme, the poses and fabrics, completely fleshed out before I even begin to work on the dolls. Heres the start of the dolls.

Have a great week everyone!!

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