Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy, it just snuck up on me, November!

Hi friends, happy November! I know! can you believe it's already here, I just got used to writing 2016. That means there's only 2 months until 2017, and only 8 more Sundays and it's CHRISTMAS!! I love this time of year, everything seems to get a little hurried around here. I love to see the changes in the colors, the touches of pinks, coppers, lavender and mustard yellow, in South Florida we see the changes in the sunsets, the foods, the flowers that bloom and our wardrobe colors;)
This month is when I feel like I have to play catch up with my annual TO DO list so it looks like its time to get my butt in gear;)

Last month I was really busy with health stuff and family. I'm happy that I was still able to teach a class and start on 5 little dolls that I will be posting here next week, they are a new smaller size for those of you that don't have the space for a bigger doll. I have taken all of the commissions that I can handle and will continue to work on those until early January.

This weekend I will be listing my last 2 Fairy babies for the year, a pink and a blue, in my ETSY shop. They are ready to go and will make a great gift for anyone!
In the next 2 months I will be listing a doll every 2 weeks, so visit me for that and I will be making some cute and simple Christmas decorations that might inspire some of you to try some DIY of your own!!

Have a great weekend!


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