Monday, December 22, 2008


Wow, I can't believe that Christmas is in 3 days and that 2009 is only a week and a half away!
I have been working on many things. Sorry I can't yet show the commissioned piece, I was asked to wait until after the holidays so I don't ruin the surprise. So instead I will show you what I did on photoshopCS4. My uncle gave it to me a few days ago so I started messing with it and I LOVE IT!!!! I have only managed to make a few things because I didn't have too many images on my computer to work with and they took me forever to cut and put together...okay maybe it was 3 days.  I used over 100 layers on the frame image!!
I also got the gigantic manual for it and all I can say is-- I doubt I'm going to read it-i think I will just try to figure it out. I have a ton of ideas and an ephemera collection to photograph so this is going to be a fun new direction for me. 


Our Hands For Hope said...

Your dolls are just beautiful. I saved your e-mail from way back about the RED party next year.
I will send and invitation to everyone who is linked or posted on the site. It is the only way I can keep track. It is such a great foundation. It would be an honor for you to participate this next year.

Sandra arteagA said...

Hi Rosanna! :)

Thank you very much for your words!

Makes me very happy you like my work!

I have been diving into your blog and it´s really wonderfull EVERYTHING you make!

Ms. Whisolbautum is fantastic! I feel weak of elderly dolls.. :)

Thank you so much again, I will go into your world always I can.

Hugs, Sandra.

Stefania Morgante said...

Buon ANNO! I have an award for you, go to see my last post, if you want..for the moment, ciao from Italy!

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks for stopping by and the well means alot!
I love these images you've created..lets see more!
Hope your year is jolly and everything else that ends in olly!!