Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hurricane Season is Here! AND my clay sucks!!

Hi everyone.  Hurricane season is here again and that means HOT, HOT, HOT muggy days with tons of rain. I feel so bad for all of the tourists that come to south Florida and find out that this is our rainy season.  I love the storms but I prefer them at night. 
I will be at Bear and Bird this weekend making Teddies, I look forward to that.  I LOVE miniatures and too many other things to mention (or find the time for) but this is what I was working on in the mean time.

Sorry but in this next paragraph I will be complaining: 
I was so happy that I had sculpted 5 dolls, just the way I wanted!! I ever so gently put them in the oven for 20 minutes and to my horror, when the timer rang, every single one of them was BURNED!!! My settings are never touched and my thermostat was perfect so I knew this was the clay. This is of course my fault for not testing my batches of P**sculpt. I have received bad batches in the past that came out burned and thrown them away but I didn't test this last batch. I think I am done with this clay for a while.  Now to begin all over again. Anyway, I feel better now that I got that off my chest-thanks for letting me vent.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!


Jdee said...

Wow what a beautiful doll house! You are one busy girl!
It is hotter than you know what in Mississippi.. I am sweltering and another reason I slow down with the dolls in the Summer. The clay just melts in my hands!
SOOO sorry to hear about your burned dolls! OMG that would make me so mad! I don't use the afore mentioned clay at all and never have any burn. It just bums me out reading about your mishap in the oven. I am so sorry that happened.

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thanks Joanna you are so sweet!
I have ordered some different clays, but I will have to wait until it's cooler weather to use them because I melt the clay quick too.
I feel your pain with the heat, my a/c is on full blast every day. I know just how hot it gets in Ole' Miss too. My brother lives there and we only visit him in the winter time.

Big Hugs,

Susie McMahon said...

What a pain in the rear, Rosanna! That is one of the reasons I gave up using polymer clays and found other ways to make my dolls. That stuff is too unpredictable, and I hated that dripping through the fingers thing that happens when it is hot. Spare a thought for me....its winter here and wet and cold!
Love the dollhouse - did you make it?

Sue said...

Rosanna, the doll house is beautiful!

I hear you on the heat. Canadian summers (at least in Ontario) have become increasingly hot and exceedingly humid - I hate working with clay in the summer. For the third day in the row, the humidity today pushed the temperature above 100F.

The previous batch of clay I got before my current batch did the same thing. My faerie skin baked to a nice deep brown - with no change to the temp or time of baking. It is so frustrating and annoying. I know exactly how you feel.

I'm still using prosculpt, but now am asking a bunch of questions of the seller before I purchase it.

niknik said...

Ah, what a pity! Insulting, when all your work burns like this ... together! It's like playing the lottery. But, I hope that your wonderful work will rise and we will enjoy looking at them.

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thanks Susie, Sue and niknik.
Susie, I gotta admit, I wish I was in winter.
Also, the house is an old kit I put together, I just love miniatures!
I think I will have to try the paperclay again, I will buy the new Hannie Sarris stuff, it looks stronger than the one I used before. Thanks again ladies for the positive energy, I appreciate it very much!

Big Hugs,

Castle in the Air said...

Just checking in!
So many trials and tribulations!! Few things worse than art trouble. Not fun to live through I'm sure but it helps those of us mortals keep you teathered to earth! Your work is SO divine!!

I've been in the studio again, finally, and working away on my dolls. Little by little.

Still dreaming of a class.

With best wishes,