Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My new stash!

I just love Antique shows! Check out the stash I acquired this weekend, I'm in steampunk heaven!! I use these for jewelry that I wear, but if I make extras I will put them up for sale. 

Sorry I haven't listed anything on Etsy- I am sold out right now and the 5 figures I am working on are for a show.  It is very hard for me to sculpt in this hot and humid weather so I work very slow in summer. But I will have some things up as soon as I get a chance.



Jdee said...

Lucky finds! I love it when I come across a good stash of goods! It's like a burried treasure waiting to be uncovered.
Summers I think are for rest and relaxation. I'm very slow in the summer too.. and it is just too dang hot to work on anything anyway!
Have fun and rest and I will look forward to what you do next!

pixiesinthehouse said...

Really nice finds...and if it makes you feel better many of us work much slower in the summer!!!

icandy... said...

LOVE that stash of yours!!!! What a great find! I can only imagine what you'll create with all of those goodies!

Happy day!
Christina :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

OH my gosh this is a great stash! I'm envious. ;-)