Saturday, October 9, 2010

a Heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!

As some of you probably know already, I love making pixie/fairy babies as
special gifts because to me they represent so many of the good things in the world.
This past Thursday I had the pleasure of donating 3 of them to a great cause,
Breathe and Believe, the Christopher Ricardo Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
You can visit the site and learn more about little Christopher and what his
non profit organization is doing to help find a cure
for Cystic Fibrosis or what some kids call "sixty-five roses".

So again I say, Thank You so much, to the person or people that purchased all of my little ones at the silent auction. Many blessings to you and yours!!
Here are some really bad Iphone pics but I just had to share
Have a great weekend!!


Ascension said...

Son fantasticos y ademas han servido para algo genial.
No me extra├▒a que hayan tenido exito, son maravillosos.
Enhorabuena por tu gran corazon.
besitos ascension

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Muchas gracias Ascension! y me encantaron tus teteras.

Anna-Mari said...

Awwww they are adorable! You are a sweetheart to donate those precious little babies.

Sue said...

Oh my, these are just too adorable!
Fabulous work. CF is such a worthwhile cause, good to hear that these little babes contributed towards it.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thank you for the comment and for the visit Mollamari,
I love your work.

Hi Sue!!
Thanks for visiting me too!! and you know that after meeting the little boys mother,she heads the non profit,(what an amazing gal) it was the least I could do.
Hugs to all!!

julie campbell said...

So adorable and so wonderful that they helped such a good cause
julie xx

Melissa Pagluica said...

They look so precious! Their tiny little pointy ears almost did me in (is it possible for something be TOO cute?).

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thank you for the visit and the comments Julie and Melissa!! You guys are great!!


Laura Twiford said...

OMG you are an incredible artist! I love these fairy babies, they are so precious! What a talent!

Rosanna Pereyra said...

Thanks Laura!!