Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy April & Inspiration!


Hi everyone, I hope you have all begun to feel the wonderful effects of Spring!
This is a time for renewal and rebirth. Nature's color palette changes.
I have done my spring cleaning and re-decorated my office space to make it
lighter and brighter. My projects have taken on a lighter palette as well.

I will share my new projects in a few weeks but for now I will leave you with
some inspirational sites that I love to visit and I know you will too

This is Katie Daisy, she is an amazing illustrator whose work makes me smile

Sabrina Ward Harrison captures dreams in her paintings

Papaya Art blog is a plethora of inspiration
Just click on the names above to visit these amazing artists!!
Have a wonderful day

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Wateringen said...

Hay Rosanna,

Ohhh...what a lovely blog.
Your blog gives me inspiration.
Please take a look into my world of dolls and bears.