Monday, May 2, 2016

My Latest Class "The Original Flapper" starts soon!

The Original Flapper Class 
Start Date: May 26, 2016
Instructor: Rosanna Pereyra, Paper Clay Doll Artist
Available online at Aforartistic
Just click link above to go there!
Cost: $50 for 4 lessons
All Skill Levels
Lesson 1 -  May 26
Lesson 2 -  June 2
Lesson 3 -  June 9
Lesson 4 -  June 16
Once Lesson One opens, it remains available until this classroom closes  
In this class we will creating a really fun and unique character. 
Its time to step back and relive the magic of the jazz era, the Roaring 20's. Meet Ethel "Miss BeeHaven 1926" Fitzpatrick, the last living Flapper!
Ethel spends her nights in smokey, seedy jazz clubs around the world telling stories about the glory days. She was one of the first 
"girls" to cut off her hair, throw out that corset, and hike up her skirts to show off those ankles!
She smoked, drank and danced the nights away with the best of them. She also loves sharing photos and stories about the wild times she and her great friend Zelda Fitzgerald had!!
Ethel was even rumored to have dated a sexy bootlegger that served as the inspiration for Jay Gatsby!! 
Ever the wild and free Flapper, Ethel has traveled the world, had many adventures, poets have written about her, artists have painted her but none has ever managed to capture her heart enough to make a Mrs. out of her.
Join me in immortalizing her spirit by creating her likeness as a Paperclay Art Doll. In this class we will be creating the armature for a standing doll. Then we will be sculpting an elderly face, arms and legs in paper­clay. She will have a fabric body and will be gently posable. We will then paint and dress the doll as well as adding some fun details to her costume. Last will be a wig and a head piece.
This doll sculpture is approximately 17 inches tall. I am including a template for you to print out to make the class even easier to follow. This class is very forgiving, there is really no wrong way to sculpt an elderly character.
Lesson One: Create a strong wire armature, then sculpt the face, hands and legs.
Lesson Two: Painting the Face, Gloves, Shoes and Legs, Varnish­ing the Doll, and Assembling the Doll's body.
Lesson Three: Costuming the Doll
Lesson Four: Wigging and Accessories Time!

I hope you can join in on the fun!!

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