Monday, May 2, 2016

Yes I'm a thrifty chic crafty DIYer!!

Try saying that a few times;) So here's the jist of this post, I have a ton of intentions and ideas but not a lot of money to spend so I love thrifting and finding awesome deals, most of my house is furnished with thrifted and hacked stuff.
So this weekend I went to 2 local shops and scored a few things at 30% 0ff and spent less than $10. I already had the can of Lavender paint and the tin with the flowers which are the inspiration piece for the theme I will be using to decorate my mothers day brunch table with.

Also I bought my thrift store chairs a while back and they needed some love and color so I am painting them with my favorite, Annie Sloan Paint, in Napoleonic Blue, that stuff goes on everything! I will show you my dining room once the chairs are finished.

Stop by again this week, I will be sharing some decorating ideas for my mother's day brunch on a tight budget.


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